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We go the extra mile to ensure all your podcasting questions are answered and any technical concerns are addressed. Our track record speaks for itself.

I sent in a functionality issue and it was immediately acknowledged and resolved. So impressed! Responsive and effective.


Jeff Hogan

That was such a quick response and I appreciate that Support simply fixed the problem. I had assumed ti was going to take a few days of going back and forth. Whew! Thanks.


Nicole Schiavi

Very helpful and proactive, many thanks!


Jaska Jost

Amazing customer service. I received detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to do what I needed to do. I am more than satisfied! All of my questions were answered in detail.


The Castos support is always incredible helpful and knowledgeable!


Raphael Margreiter

Prompt replies Very knowledgeable Great service all around


Chad Colwell

Such a fantastic, thorough reply, and exactly the help I needed – above and beyond!


James Jordan

Excellent customer support, as always!


Geony Ayyad

Absolutely fantastic support. Clear and concise communication. Support took their time making sure they had the correct information and walked me through all of my questions.



REALLY appreciate the level of response and time to explain in detail the reply to my questions. Excellent : )



Very helpful, knowledgable, and quick to respond!


Frank Gallo

This is the best tech support I’ve encountered – certainly in the podcast hosting space. Great work!


Sol Hanna

I’ve never had someone solve an IT issue so quickly and completely with one quick answer (that wasn’t obvious — a conflict between 2 unrelated plugins). This saved me hours of frustration. Also, a really polite and thorough email.

Adam Johnston

The Castos team were super helpful digging into some stubborn bugs in our feed after we migrated our feed from FeedBlitz to Castos. I really appreciate continued effort to get the job done! Thanks to everyone who chipped in!



Support helped me solve a problem I’ve been working on for so long and did so in such an easy to follow and digestible way. Thank you SOOOO much!!!!



Thank you so much for all of your help! Your response was quick and resolved my matter perfectly. Thank you!


Sarah Bradley

Excellent service, support was prompt and effective. Couldn’t be happier with the product.


Thomas Berry

You are amazing. You solved my issue very fast.


Daniel Frey

More than great. A friendly, sincere response with helpful tips and links in the mail.


Frank Antonissen

The response in less than 24 hrs. on a not simple question was amazing. I feel I can go forward now.


Richard Ginnaty

I really appreciate the detailed answer with pictures. Great work! I’m glad I’m with you guys.

Mark Zaretti

Even though the support person wasn’t quite sure what my question was they provided solution options that solved my issue quickly and easily. Very happy with this service. Thank you!


Jaclyn Kennison

Wasn’t expecting such a straight forward answer. That’s what I like to hear from customer service. Thanks for being so quick and to the point!


Michael Petete

Both agents were very knowledgeable and helpful. I really loved the assistance received. Quick, accurate and helpful is what I will describe the support received. Thanks a lot team, keep it up.

Snarvin Savinon

I always get great support even for the silliest of queries. The team at Castos, really make you feel comfortable using their customer experience and products.


Paul Young

Castos are stinkin amazing. I love them!!!!!!


Jaime Huddleston

The explanation was simple and effective. I was able to fix my problems very quickly. Thank you!

Antje Bednarek-Gilland

Ridiculously fast and enthusiastic support from Suppor at Castos Castos has some of the best customer service I’ve experienced online anywhere. Hands down.


Castos support is stellar! Direct, concise, fast, effective! Thank you. Mardell Shares Stories loves you!


Sam McCombs

I appreciated the quick responses and that the support person was genuinely trying to help me solve the problem.


Shawni McBride

Fantastic, above-and-beyond support on this. Absolutely top tier.


Rob La Gatta

I continue to be amazed by the customer service. So incredibly helpful.


Andrew Scullin

I received responses from Support promptly! When I couldn’t find guidance that was relevant to my situation in the Knowledge Hub, they were able to provide insight in a way that I understood – even when I thought I was sounding repetitive, they broke down the steps for clarification.


Jezeth Esmas

Support has been very helpful with the issue I was having. I appreciate the polite and responsive nature of their replies.

Julia Rose

The Castos suport is great, flawless and fast. Thank you!


Dan Văscu

Great support. Answer was comprehensive and included tips for better utilizing features of Castos.


Nathan Shehorn

Agradezco mucho que me hayan informado! Me encanta la atención y la preocupación porque todo salga bien.


Sidney Sanchez

Super-helpful support. Totally solved my problem quick!


Just a really in depth and thoughtful response. I really appreciated it.

Ross Orpet

Wonderful, friendly, detailed and relevant responses.


Farrah Rose

Castos got onto the issue in a timely manner and had it sorted and communicated with me promptly. Thank you



I asked a ton of questions and I got immediate responses to all of them. Thank you for the perfect experience!



brilliant support, thank you so much for the assistance and the time in taking a video of the issue ! first class support


John F

I was feeling very anxious about the migration/importing process, but Support completely turned things around! Responses were empathetic and clear and I now have a lot more faith in Castos for the long-term!


The support is always really quick and friendly. All my queries have been resolved so far.


You have ensured that I will happily return to the Castos fold as soon as I’m able, and will gladly recommend y’all to anyone I meet.



Fast response, well thought out reply with helpful information. Exactly what a support experience should be!


James Bilsbrough

Very patient support for a total newbie, I very much appreciate the support

Maya Haviland

As always, your support team is the best. Any issue I have ever raised has been dealt with completely, professionally, and quickly. Thank you for your great support!


Tim Mead

Every person at Castos, from the CEO on down, has been extremely helpful! Thanks!


Dan McAneny

Super fast!


Gabradley Gacharbonneau

wonderfully quick and good solutions


Lisa Frederickson

Thanks so much! Even Googling, I couldn’t find that answer to my problem. Your customer service is awesome.


Julie Martinez

The support is one of the best things in Castos.


Marisa Carrio

Moving from Buzzsprout to Castos I found a problem & cancelled the redirect for fear of losing my next episode. I contacted Castos & was assisted by Support, who went above & beyond with their customer service. They sent screen recordings to help me navigate the dashboard & we discovered that a chrome extension was causing some vital tabs to be missing. I’m impressed with the Castos team & their non-bot (HUMAN) customer care. I look forward to using their system for years to come.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Matt Waters

The Castos support team is awesome and very responsive.


Derek Condit

You addressed my question and offered details I needed to make an informed decision.


Andrea Riley

YOOOOOOOOOOO! What the wonderful HELL kinda AWESOME customer service is THIS! Y’all, if you’ll pardon the less-than-elegant language, y’all need to be giving corporate trainings on how to exceed a customer’s concerns! THIS experience was/is AMAZING and I am sincerely and genuinely appreciative of not only the answer, but the way it was presented and delivered to me! It was EASY, easy and EASY to follow the instructions! YESSSSS!

Chase Murphy

Speedy and thorough support – outstanding!


David Shapiro

I appreciate being assisted after hours. Thanks so much! Have a good evening.



The customer service representative provided precise, clear and helpful information to help us resolve a nagging problem.