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The Castos team has been featured in the following podcast episodes, webinars, live streams, and in-person events:


Working Without Pants – Growing your business through podcasting with Craig Hewitt

WP Builds – How and why to Podcast by Craig Hewitt from Seriously Simple Podcasting

WP HackerCast – Episode 6 – Craig Hewitt – Productised services

How I Built It – Craig Hewitt and Castos

Release Notes – #304: Craig Hewitt (Part 1)

Release Notes – #305: Craig Hewitt (Part 2)

The Effective Founder – Craig Hewitt of Castos

Bootstrapped – #111: “Should I apply for TinySeed?” with Craig Hewitt, founder of Castos

Bootstrapped – #114: “The Tables are Turned”, with Craig Hewitt

Bootstrapped – #115: Living Abroad While Bootstrapping, with Craig Hewitt

LMScast with Chris Badgett – Episode 267:  Podcasting to Accelerate Sales for Course Creators with Craig Hewitt from Castos

WP-Tonic Show A WordPress Podcast – #472 WP-Tonic Show With Special Guest Craig Hewitt Founder of Castos.

MicroConf on Air – Episode 5: Staying on Top of Your SaaS Metrics with Craig Hewitt

SaaS Interviews with CEOs, Startups, Founders – 1707 How He Cheated Growth with $5k Acquisition on Day 1

SaaS Interviews with CEOs, Startups, Founders – Castos Helps Podcasters Distribute Content, $480k in ARR

Startups for the Rest of Us – TinySeed Tales 7 | The Growing Pains of Delegation

Startups for the Rest of Us – Episode 493 | A Roundtable Discussion about COVID-19, Working From Home, Payroll Protection and More

Startups for the Rest of Us – Episode 522 | Revisiting Castos, One Year Later

The Future of Podcasting: How Craig Hewitt Uses Trends and Content Marketing to grow Castos

How to Use Podcasting as a Tool to Build Your Business

Launch Legends – Castos: Turning A WordPress Plugin Into A Customer Acquisition Channel With Craig Hewitt

Actionable Marketing Podcast – Why Content Marketers Need to be Podcasting (And How to Get Started) With Craig Hewitt From Podcast Motor and Castos [AMP 176]

Outdoors Online – Top 10 Best Practices to 10,000 Podcast Downloads with Craig Hewitt from Castos [OOM 016]

WPMRR WordPress Podcast – E116 – Managing 300% Growth While Raising $120K from TinySeed

The Agile Entrepreneurship – Building a productized service business editing & hosting podcasts with Craig Hewitt – AEP #20

Bootstrapped – [87] Productized Services with Craig Hewitt of Podcast Motor

Top of Mind – Is Podcasting Right for you with Craig Hewitt

Bootstrapped – #112: Three ways to use podcasts for marketing. Featuring Craig Hewitt, founder of Castos

Authentic Persuasion Show – [356] Sales and Leadership Success via Podcasting, with Craig Hewitt

Sound Design Live – Start offering podcast production services to your clients

Freedom Flipping – Freedom Flipping Podcast Ep 3 – Craig Hewitt of

The Lucky Titan – Combining software and service to accelerate your SaaS growth With Craig Hewitt

Big Break Software Podcast – How to Buy an Unloved WordPress Plugin and Turn it Into a $10K MRR In 12 Months with Craig Hewitt of Podcast Motor

Techie Leadership – Empower & enable – with Craig Hewitt – 064

Productize Podcast – [47] 3 Productized Service Founders Compare Notes