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Dynamo is an entirely free tool that lets you create a stunning cover image for your podcast with just a few clicks.

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Design A Great Podcast Cover Art

There’s no second chances to make a first impression, and your podcast cover art is exactly that for potential new subscribers: a snapshot impression of your brand. If your cover image isn’t interesting, easily recognizable, and tells the story of your podcast than listeners will scroll right by your show in favor of another podcast to subscribe to.

How To Create Beautiful Podcast Cover Art

Open The Free Design Tool

We call it Dynamo, cause it packs a lot of power in one little tool. Create as many cover image designs as you’d like. All entirely for free.

Design Your Cover Image

With options for background colors, gradients, or images along with text and effects you can make it all your own.

Upload To Your RSS Feed

Once you have your beautiful new podcast cover image, upload it to your hosting platform (like Castos) to display everywhere your show is listed.

Podcast Cover Image Design Tutorial

Stand Out Amongst The Crowd

Your podcast cover art is literally the only thing that many potential subscribers will see about your show before making the decision to check out your content, or not. Give them every chance you can to be inticed by your brand, your positioning, and your message with an interesting and well designed cover image.

Embrace Being Unique

Nobody sets out to create just another podcast, and you shouldn’t with your cover image either. Have some color in it, make bold design choices, and stand out. This may be the single easiest thing you can do to differentiate yourself from the competition in podcasting directories like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Create A Brand For Your Podcast

Whether you realize it yet or not your podcast has a brand. You can be proactive and intentional about it by giving your podcast brand a real identity, or your audience will do it for you. And in that case, the brand may not be what you had in mind. Step out and tell your new listeners what you’re all about.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some really complicated and expensive tools like Adobe Photoshop you can use to design a podcast cover picture, but they’re unnecessarily complex and difficult to use.

We’ve created a tool specifically designed to allow you to create a great looking podcast cover picture without any real design skills or technical experience.

All you need to do is choose a background (color, gradient, or image), insert your podcast Title and Host names, and select the font and font color you want. We take care of everything else.

3000x3000px is the standard size. Directories like Apple Podcasts and Spotify require that it be perfectly square and between 1400x1400px to 3000x3000px in size, but Apple has hinted that all images will need to be 3000x3000px in size.

Castos’ podcast cover image creator has all of the technical parts of creating this cover image taken care of, so you can just focus on creating a great looking image for your show.

Right here is a great place. This free tool lets you easily create your own podcast cover art in just a few clicks.

If you’d like to work with a professional designer you could check out services like 99Designs too but these can often be quite expensive, especially if you’re just getting started.

We recommend to create a JPG file that is < 1MB in file size. This will meet the requirements of podcasting directories such as Apple Podcasts but also is a high enough cover picture to be eye catching or your potential listeners and look great on every mobile device.

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