Start your next podcast the right way with a guided podcast launch service from a trusted partner.

In order for a podcast to drive real, measurable results podcast content must be engaging, memorable, and have a level of quality that sets them apart.

But, with all of the moving parts and finite details, the prospect of doing this all in-house can seem daunting. That’s where Castos comes in.

Our Professional Launch Service is for companies, brands, and large organizations looking to create truly next-level podcast content. Partnering with your organization, we take the lead in mapping out a content strategy, assist with the recording process, and provide done-for-you podcast editing and production to get your show launched the right way from day one.

How Castos Productions Can Help

Skip the frustrating parts, let our podcast launch service guide you through the entire process.

everything your next podcast needs

Content strategy mapping call

Get started on the right foot with a deep dive conversation with our team to ensure that the content that you’re creating is matching the goals of your show.

Pre-Recording sound and setup test

You record a test episode and send it to our audio team to review before you record any real episode content. We provide gear, setup, and technique feedback to make sure you’re capturing great sounding audio from the beginning.

Recording professional grade voiceover intro/outro segments

We help you create a memorable intro and outro segment that you can easily reuse for each episode.

Create an eye-catching cover image for your show

Many times this is the one chance you have to make an impression on potential new listeners. Let’s make it count!

Sourcing royalty-free music for each episode

Add a musical touch to your podcast to bring in an intro bit and transition between segments.

Launch time distribution setup

We set your podcast up to be automatically sent to the 7 most popular directories every time you publish a new episode.

Media hosting and RSS feed setup

We set up your Castos account, RSS feed, and all the integrations your show needs to be successful.

Marketing pre-launch consultation with our team

Building a great show isn’t enough, now you need to tell the world about it.

Professional Launch Service

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Perfect for brands who want to launch an incredible podcast the right way, the first time. Take all the uncertainty out of the process of putting your new show together.

Customized launch episode production package

A dedicated podcast producer to help you create binge-worthy content

Fully produced trailer episode to build hype for your new show

Guided launch strategy session with your marketing team

Professional grade intro/outro voiceover

Crafting eye-catching podcast cover images and social media templates

Podcast media kit to help promote your show

Ongoing consultation strategy calls with our team in the first year